I want to be cherished!



I was feeling really strong and upbeat a little while ago when I posted about “Women Who Run With the Wolves.” Then my husband came home from work a little grumpy even though it is Christmas Eve. A little while later while surfing the Web I came across this love letter sent by Johnny Cash to June Carter on her 65th birthday, and I started feeling melancholy. I can relate completely to how Johnny Cash feels about June – it’s the way I feel about my beloved husband…but one of the casualties/losses resulting from his affair is that I don’t know whether I will EVER feel confident again that this is how he feels about me. And I would give anything to feel that again! I pray that one day soon he will love me with all his heart and that I will be able to relax into his love…


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  1. Hey Kali – I also doubt whether I will ever believe that my husband loves me the way I love him – wholly and unconditionally, passionately and for always. In fact, I’m pretty sure it will never be. I just talked with my coach about that. It is the thing I think I have to accept in order to find real healing, whether or not we ultimately stay together for the rest of our lives. It’s a hard one. Hope your day is going well today… DJ

  2. Wow what a wonderfully simple and romantic expression of long term love! I love Johnny Cash. Thanks for sharing this. Its sad… I want (and I think we all do) to be loved like this. I used to love my husband like this, after his affair I don’t – at least right now, and it makes me very sad. Finding the acceptance that love and that marriage is gone… and we have to rebuild to another marriage with a different kind of love is scary and frustrating process – frankly I am not sure I am strong enough to find my way there. Thanks for sharing this – it is very sweet.

    • FlacaMama, I know what you mean! Some days I am more optimistic than others. I am starting to realize that I won’t be able to feel confident in my husband’s love (even if it is honest and true) until I realize, deep in my heart, that I am beautiful and that I am “enough.” Hope things are going better with your husband!

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